The Fingerprint of your vision

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WavePrint® Map

The WavePrint Map is a visual representation of how a patient’s optical system processes light. Produced by the WaveScam device, this map provides a more precise and detailed analysis of a patient’s vision and is used by a doctor to ensure optimal laser vision correction results.

Like a fingerprint, the WavePrint Map is completely unique to each individual.

The Wavescan technology measures the imperfections in the eye and produces a waveprint map. Much like fingerprint, no two waveprint maps are alike. The treatment information is then transferred to the VISX staar S4 laser. Then the doctor uses that information to fine-tune the procedure thereby providing a new level of precision and accuracy.

Personal best vision refers to the new level of laser vision correction that can be achieved with the Custom Vue procedure. Since Wavescan technology can measure and correct imperfections that are unique to each individual's vision with 25 times more precision than standard measurements for glasses and contac lenses, individuals can potentially achieve the best possible vision for their eyes.

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